TestTools Advantage

Founded in 1996 by educators, TestTools, Inc. was ceated to address "low first time pass rates" on state competency exams. TestTools has been "Helping Students Succeed" since our first products were published in 1997. We currently have a presence in both Florida and California with up to 70% penetration levels and one of the largest installed base of any publisher of comparable products.

TestTools software, web-based products, and iTunes apps effectively allow students to prepare for testing at their own pace thus matching their learning style and study techniques. Our products feature in-depth materials which truly help students learn subject matter concepts in addition to enhancing test taking skills.

  • Value Priced
  • Engaging Graphics
  • Written by National Board Certified Teachers in each state
  • Tech Support that includes easy to understand User Guides
  • Our subjects include Reading / English Language Arts, Mathematics & Science
  • Administration Module Groups students for focused lesson planning; monitors progress
  • Online product line which ensures greater flexibility for the school and promotes student take-home use
  • Custom Designed products for each state - built from the ground up based on state standards not retro-fitted content

100% Aligned to California and Florida State Standards