Success Stories

“TestTools is a great way for students to practice and build endurance for the (FCAT)”. . . “TestTools is great to use as a simulation for the (FCAT). Students in grades 3 through 5 need the extra practice in reading and math. We are looking into ordering the Science for Grade 5 as well”.
Debra L. Dubin North Miami Elementary

“TestTools software is a beneficial and integral part of preparing the students to perform on the (FCAT). . . Our high scores continued to improve. Students were prepared and focused”.
Rudy Rodriguez Ludlum Elementary

"All Exceptional Education students at 3rd grade have passed the FCAT with a score of “3” or above".
Paula Carter Henry F. Kite #37


“My students on Standard Diploma (ESE) use TestTools for “intensive remediation” -- many as a result end up passing the FCAT. Special Diploma students are improving FCAT scores as well. We also use the TestTools programs with students who have failed the FCAT a couple times as remediation.”
Carolyn Wynn A Philip Randolph Academies


"The FCAT Simulation Software has allowed our students to zero in on a particular skill. It has been an invaluable tool for preparing our students for the FCAT and parents love it for home use. The kids tell me that after using The FCAT Simulation software, the real FCAT seemed easy."
Georganne Dodge Valleyview Elementary School


"Riverglades Elementary has been very satisfied with the software. We feel it serves as an excellent supplementary source to classroom instruction. Students are encouraged to take the tests and use the grading summary to guide then in assessing their weaknesses."
Susan Fendenheim Riverglades Elementary School

"Students thought that this software was more effective than others because it was straight forward and more closely related to the actual test. Students felt they were learning true FCAT strategies."
Alina Morin Miami Sunset Senior High School


"As current technology coordinator and previous math teacher (17 years), I highly recommend The FCAT Simulation Software, by TestTools, Inc. After using the Florida HSCT Simulation Software for many years and loving it Pensacola High School purchased the Grade 10 Mathematics and Reading version of The FCAT Simulation Software. We believe that a dedicated staff and a wide variety of resources that include a good practice are the necessary ingredients for success. TestTools software offers superior practice!"
Carolyn Rohr Pensacola High School


"We love TestTools! Our school went from a "C" school to an "A" school. We feel that our regular use of The FCAT Simulation Software by our 8th grade students is a large contributing factor to our better scores. We are very excited to see that a Science component has been added. Thank you so much for a wonderful product."
Linda Byak, Network Manager Southwest Middle School


"TestTools was a lifesaver for our school! It was like having a safety net for the stakeholders. This was especially evident for out fourth and fifth grade students who used The FCAT Simulation. Every student acted as an active learner, vesting personal interest in one's individual progress. Granted, this was half the battle; the rest was up to the educators and the parents. Eureka!"
Donita Gay Ojus Elementary School


"We had an incredible jump in our scores after using The FCAT Simulation software."
Peggy Adams Vernon Middle School


"The 4th grade teachers at my school used it with their classes and feel that it was a positive in helping raise test scores. I feel that one of the most positive things about the program was allowing parents to have it at home."
Tabatha Davis Vernon Elementary School


"The program did what we expected, our scores went up."
Fabian Hankerson Blance H. Daughtrey Elementary School


"Helped parents understand and support the students in preparing for the FCAT. Parents frequently ask, 'What can we do at home to help?' This year, with TestTools, the answer was simple."
Bryna Berman Ojus Elementary School


"The take-home policy gave students the opportunity to practice not only at school, but also in their own homes. Parents were very excited about this opportunity."
Susan Fendenheim Riveglades Elementary School

"Truly prepares kids for the test. The closest I have seen to the real thing."
Tracy Lee Fort White High School


"Students were better prepared for both FCAT strategies and FCAT format as a result of working with The FCAT preparatory material."
Rob Campbell Lake Gibson Middle School


"I enjoy using The FCAT Simulation" software because it allows each student to work at his/her own pace. Students can "revisit" specific items to rethink their responses.
Elsie Vivenzo McFatter Magnet Tech High School


"In my opinion, The FCAT Simulation is a quality product that can be of significant help to students in taking the FCAT. I especially like the instructional strategies that are included in this software. These strategies are focused on the Benchmarks, which are based on the FCAT."
Ward Hurst Secondary Education Director


"The FCAT Simulation is the most realistic FCAT preparation software available. Our students love it! Our teachers love it!"
Mary Ann Reeve Scottlake Elementary School


"The FCAT Simulation from TestTools is making FCAT preparation easy. Students are more willing to work on a computer that to do repetitive worksheets. Students appreciate the fact that they can concentrate on their own weak areas."
Brian Kelly Cooper City High School


"Parents are coming out of the woodwork! They all want the software – a perfect tool to show them what is expected on the FCAT!"
Kathy Giroux Kathleen Elementary School


"I think the take-home policy for this product is excellent. Parents are now much more aware of the complexity of the test their children are taking. Students who used the software had much more confidence in their abilities on test day."
Chris English Floral Avenue Elementary School


"We have logged in over 350 student contact hours in the media center computer lab and we love it. Students have checked out copies of the CD-ROM to install at home. The software is very user friendly. Students love working on the computers. They have been encouraging and helping each other figuring out the answers. It has been great!"
Dottie Gillick Gibbs High School


"Our students and teachers were able to approach the FCAT with confidence after using the software."
Maria Turner Gibsonton Elementary School


"The program is very good and with the promised updates should be fantastic. We have had all of our 10th graders take the pre-test this year and are anxious to see if it helps as much as your HSCT program helped out juniors – They were #1 in the district by a wide margin."
Bruce King Coral Shores High School


"My students love being able to use the computer instead of using books."
Joe Holmes South Plantation High School


"The software check-out to parents is a wonderful asset."
Beth Ricks Loughman Oaks Elementary School

"This is an excellent tool for individual or classroom instruction."
LouAnn Bigsby Fort Meade Middle-Senior High School


"The software was easy to use and the teachers were pleased with the quality of the product."
Maureen Githens Ridgewood High School


"This software is great for an individualized test-prep program."
Karen Hogans South Sumter High School

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